Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

Normally I consider this my photo blog but these past few weeks have required a bit of introspection. We all have to do some soul-searching from time to time and having recently lost a sister, I have been reflecting on family. It certainly isn’t genetics, we don’t choose our blood, but we do respond to being loved, cared for, and protected by others and we can offer that in return and create family. We are a part of, and responsible to, a much larger animal & human family around this world. So rather that my own photo this time, I chose one my father took and with it say Happy New Year to my newly found—however unconventional—family of online bloggers!

Happy New Year Although everyone in this photo is gone but my sister and I, these are some of the faces that, in part, made us who we are and shaped how we relate to the word family in a more traditional sense. Their voices still echo through our own as we celebrate each passing year with our families now, made up of our friends, close companions, animals, and colleagues who are found wherever love is given and returned. We gather in kitchens over meals, share life experiences, converse around campfires, rebuild after disasters, survive hardship and loss together and we toast to life—moment to moment.


One response to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

  1. Very nice post. Sometimes we never forget the presence of others’ in our lives even though we’ll never see them again. And yes, life is a series of moments and we have something to learn from each of them 🙂

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