Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

the act of placing things side by side,
especially for the purpose of comparison or contrast


1.]  Contrast  Whenever I travel, I find unexpected contrasting items intriguing to photograph. Who strapped these stuffed critters onto the railing of a boat house along a canal on Giudecca,  in Venice, Italy? Why, do they sit in the plastic chair and wait for someone to come home? As I crossed over a canal bridge, I had to pause and capture this contradiction.

Blue Bottle with DInner

2.]  I have to admit that I take photos celebrating the food I am enjoying at the moment but generally I don’t share them with anyone, however,  in this particular instance,  I placed the blue water bottle in front to show the scale of the shells. I tried to make the image a bit more interesting with a little photoshop magic.  Trattoria Ai Cacciatori  (also on Guidecca) served up some amazing seafood, delightful evenings and made me feel at home whenever I visited.

Maple Leaf Red and Green

[ 3 ]  This is juxtaposition as it relates to contrast. I found this brilliant red leaf and chose to shoot it against a simple grass background which I think emphasizes the qualities of each.

Montages on the Wall

[ 4 ]  Lastly, I thought about how important juxtaposition is to the artwork we enjoy , or how we appreciate a striking arrangement of flowers. It is used for so many of the everyday things designed around us. This photo shows two of my montages hanging on a plain white wall that becomes a different overall composition when contrasted by this bouquet of flowers .


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